Sound Healing


“The knower of the mystery of sound knows the mystery of the whole universe. If one can focus one’s heart on music, it is just like warming something that was frozen. The heart returns to its natural condition and the rhythm regulates the beats of the heart which helps to restore health of body, mind, and soul and bring them to their proper tone. The joy of life depends upon the perfect tuning of mind and body.” – Hazat Inayat Khan

sound_healSound Healing is founded on the premise that all matter is vibrating at specific frequencies. Science has proven that sound, or vibration, has a strong impact upon substance. For example, the study of Cymatics has shown how sound creates geometric patterns in matter. Dr. Emoto has proven that sound changes the molecular structure of water. However, more importantly, sound changes consciousness. Many ancient civilizations and modern indigenous cultures have used sound to heal and access higher levels of consciousness for thousands of years.


Acutonics® is a form of Acupuncture without needles. Acutonics is the non-invasive application of specific sound frequencies to selected acupuncture points in order to encourage a harmonic balance within the body and support the body’s ability to self heal.

Stress Release Therapy

An ideal therapy for anyone from children to grandparents who may be experiencing symptoms related to ‘STRESS’. A form of Acupuncture without needles. SRT reduces the stress related to headaches, anxiety, poor digestion, sleep disturbance, TMJ, Neck & shoulder tension. Immediate benefits can be experienced in the first session. These benefits deepen and stabilize with a series of sessions.

SRT combines two modalities;

1) The Kita Peace Machine which was developed in Tokyo, Japan by Kita Keiichiro to deliver specific vibratory frequencies to the larger Acupuncture pathways, called Meridians and, 2) Acutonics which uses specifically calibrated tuning forks to introduce vibratory frequencies to the acupuncture points.

Self Care

Mini Training Sessions will be available in 2013
(leave room for me to add a description later)

The Forum

Available in the Spring of 2013 The Forum will be a platform in which practitioners of Acutonics will have an opportunity to come together and present case studies or bring in a client who will benefit from the ideas and protocols of several practitioners. In addition, practitioners will have an opportunity to give and receive treatments.


Gong Bath Meditation

Scientific discoveries are continuing to unfold and identify the healing effects of the vibratory frequencies of sound. The gong specifically has been used for thousands of years as an important tool for healing and meditation. When the gong is played, the vibration of its overtones and undertones can reach the mind in 3 – 90 seconds and create a profound sense of balance and well-being. Sunanda offers you an opportunity to experience symphonic quality gongs which are calibrated to specific frequencies that provide an opening for, and a connection with your innate healing power. Meditations are offered on Sunday once a month. See locations for Gong Bath Clinics.