‘Let food be thy medicine.’ Oriental medicine is rooted in the use of plants for healing which pre-dates the use of acupuncture. Herbal medicine is a powerful method of healing. Western drugs control symptoms but do not strengthen the constitution or support improvement in the physiological functioning of the system. Antibiotics kill bacteria, but do little to improve one’s resistance to infection. Chinese herbal formulations address both the presenting symptoms and the underlying conditions that allow the symptoms to manifest.

Just as soil becomes depleted with over use, the essential elements necessary for the optimal function of each organ and system of our body can be depleted through a stressful or challenging lifestyle and mindstyle. Emotional tension, mental strain, a poor quality diet, too little rest, and too much or too little exercise can impair the body’s ability to replenish and restore.


Using information gained from palpating the pulse, observing the tongue, and questioning the nature of the symptoms you are
Chinese herbs are commonly combined to create a formula. The combination strengthens the individual properties and actions of each herb and here the effect of the whole is greater than that of any single herb.experiencing, will allow us to determine which formulation of herbs would be most appropriate for you.